Thursday, September 30, 2010


Constructive and Contributing influence flows outward from the Leader within. Its power effects a Nurturing and Creative atmosphere. Generosity unites: greed divides.


The Divine is always beckoning.  Learning the Discipline of observation in silence allows the task to flow in Synchronicity with the Energy of the One.


That hurt was not meant for you, but the energy of struggle found its way to your doorstep.   Open your Heart and challenge your Mind for new possibilities of Freedom and Light.  Work to release and learn.  The gift of forgiveness is one you give to yourself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


When the critical mass follows a path demanding action, attention and the balanced sobriety and understanding of Natural Law, an eminent director with visionary command rises to lead.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Each day, Special people live with dignity, giving to their task with generosity and Courage. These are the Brave that may shine only to those nearby who can appreciate, doing work with Excellence, giving of themselves with Joy,  and rising to the occasion they are called to. The Courageous quietly elevate Humanity.


When you find your own gold, your True Gold, you will attract Prosperity and Peace in your Soul.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


The Natural world exists mostly in the state of calm; it is our mirror.  Confusion and fear will disrupt temporarily, but all will return again to Peace, our Natural state.


The energy of  the All is Love. It is expressed in all Creation.  What may seem destructive is also moving towards Creation and Perfection.  Love is what powers all that we Know.  Even in its distortions, all is Love.  The destroyer has no lasting power.


The journey of success is accomplished with the Mind focused on the present task and Heart drenched in Gratitude and Wonder.  Devotion elevates the outcome, but is the Greater task. 


Meditation is simple and requires no tutor or teacher, only involvement with the Divine.  Sit still, quiet the mind, focus on a natural object like a plant, pet, or view of Nature and observe how your heart softens and becomes one with the mind.  Observe how your body relaxes and your breath naturally deepens.  This is the way the Divine takes you on a journey of insight with Peace as a companion.