Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Imagine most Minds open to new frontiers of Learning crushing the vanity of the ego mind in submission to greater awareness of Conscious Evolution.


A sensation when good needs no investigation; when bad requires attention and logical inquiry to keep good feelings in priority.  When your energy is clean and giving, others feel good as well. Feelings are fleeting.  Choices make permanent marks. 


Mystery of pure potential, Opportunity and events determined by choice.  A useful recipe: Observe, Learn, Challenge, Respect, Connect, Engage.  Know who you are.  Know your gifts and return them.


All we know is finite.  Our experience is what gives us our Knowns. We must be reverent in speaking words beyond our understanding.


Idea, belief, lesson, inheritance with attachments.  We insult it by thinking we know it so well.  It invites our investigation. It demands our respect.  God Bless is our request and so often granted.  Its expression is in so many colors.


It's a tool, an idea, an invention, a belief, illusion, a fiction; can offer temporary peace of mind.  You decide its value.  You cannot own it; it can own you.


Daily gifts:  Light, Love, taste, Beauty, smiles, children.  Busy in Gratitude and observation you notice the Blessings increasing.
The rich get richer.


Step up and learn, a misstep and the learning can be deeper.  Keep climbing and give a hand to those behind; Emulate those on higher rungs.